• Tavares Pavilion Waterview at Tavares Americas Seaplane City
  • Unique Restroom Decoor
  • Throw Your Boquet from Our Wonderful Balcony
  • Tavares Seaplane Bride
  • Tavares Pavilion Viewed from Lake
  • Tavares Pavilion on the Lake at Wooton Park
  • Tavares Pavilion is Beautiful at Night
  • Small Meeting Room
  • Serving Bar
  • Main Staircase
  • Main Staircase with Couple
  • Honeymoon Awaits!
  • Grand Piano Available
  • First Floor Ballroom
  • Conference Room
  • Board Your Ride from Nearby Dock
  • Balcony Photo Opportunities!
  • Aerial of the Tavares Pavilion from the Waterfront

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